Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tom McCarthy Paper Abstract and Biog

Calling All Agents

Tom McCarthy's concern with the logic and aesthetic of wireless transmission has played itself out in various ways over the last seven years. Here he presents a short film about the 'Black Box' he installed, under the banner of his semi-fictitious avant-garde art 'organisation' the International Necronautical Society, in Stockholm's Moderna Museet as part of the 2008 exhibition 'Eclipse:
Art in a Dark Age'. He will also read a passage from and discuss his new novel 'C', which will be published by Jonathan Cape in 2010 and deals with the relationship between wireless transmission and mourning at the dawn of the twentieth century.

Tom McCarthy is an artist and writer. His first novel, 'Remainder', won the Believer Book Award 2007 and is currently being adapted for cinema by Film4. His semi-fictitious avant-garde 'organisation' the International Necronautical Society has published and exhibited widely, most recently using radio transmissions in Moderna Museet Stockholm and Hartware Medien Kunstverein Dortmund. His new novel, which deals with the relationship between technology and mourning, will be published by Jonathan Cape in 2010.