Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keynote Paper by Dr Kersten Glandien

Radio & SoundArt: Ties & Convolutions
Understanding RadioArt as a specific kind of audio art, this paper will look at the manifold interconnections between SoundArt on and off air. Over the last 50 years the diverse practice of SoundArt has developed many links to radio: as SoundArt using radio technology; as radiogenic components of multi-medial SoundArt; as audio art produced for, or commissioned and broadcast by, radio stations; as live events initiated by radio producers outside the institution of radio and, more recently - alongside the development of digital media and the media fusion consequent upon it - as multimedia art.
The paper will discuss the nature of these interconnections in their aesthetic, conceptual, technological and institutional dimensions. It will trace SoundArt’s encounter with radio technology in the ‘60s, scan its endorsement by public radio institutions in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s and, finally, reflect on both the rise of independent radio activity, and the recent decline of RadioArt in public radio, in the light of increasing commercialisation and seismic technological change.

Dr Kersten Glandien is an author, researcher and lecturer in the fields of SoundArts, Aesthetics and Contemporary Arts, living in London. Born 1953 in Germany, she studied Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art History at the University of St.Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia. She worked as lecturer and researcher at the Technical University Dresden, at the Music College Dresden (1977-1982) and as a senior research fellow at the Institute of Aesthetics and Art Theory of the Academy of Science in Berlin (1982-1989). In 1985 she got her PhD in Philosophy/ Aesthetics. Her fields of expertise span the aesthetics of Art, Architecture, Design and Music. In 1989 she moved to England, where she worked freelance as writer and curator for several years. In 1993 she took on an Adjunct Professorship at Richmond - The American International University in London - where she teaches Postmodernism (MA) and Contemporary Visual Culture and, previously, Experimental Music. In 2003 she was called to the University of Brighton, where she developed and teaches SoundArt studies.